Media Player Classic-HC

MPC-HC is an extremely light-weight media player for Windows.
The player supports all common video and audio file formats available for playback.

Media Player Classic

Watch movies on any SSE CPU, even on your old computer back from '99

With its wide array of options, mpc-hc can be customized to fit almost any needs. Among other things we added custom toolbars.

All around player
MPC-HC can also be used as DVB player.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 32bit/64bit

System Requirements:
An SSE capable CPU The latest DirectX 9.0c runtime (June 2010). Install it regardless of the operating system, they all need it.

Features: v1.6.2.4902 - 26 May 2012

  • MatroskaSplitter: Support for QT video formats in Matroska v1 and MPEG-1
  • Added .tak extension
  • Added a new Zoom option “Auto Fit (large only)”
  • Ticket #1792, Show an OSD message and a status message when a favorite is created via the keyboard shortcut
  • Ticket #1866, Added suppport for MLP audio in MpaDecFilter and DTSAC3Source
  • Ticket #2134, Added an auto-update feature to periodically check for new update. This feature can be enabled on first launch or via the Miscellaneous options page. The delay between the checks is also customizable.
  • Ticket #2193, Add PNG support for custom toolbars
  • Added Basque translation
  • Include unrar.dll in the installer; rar’ed subtitles should be supported out of the box
  • Changed default settings
  1. Global media keys are now activated by default
  2. Media volume keys will now change the system’s volume when MPC-HC is the foreground application
  • Ticket #734, A unicode encoding will now be used for the ini file. Old ASCII ini files will be automatically converted to unicode. Favorites with unicode filenames are now correctly handled when using an ini file
  • Ticket #1693, [VSFilter] Remove the feature preventing the screensaver from running when VSFilter is active since that’s a job for players not for filters
  • Ticket #1733/#2029, Include subfolders when opening a folder using the command line or via the explorer context menu
  • Ticket #2144/#2277, Improve the subtitles downloader dialog:
  1. the dialog’s size and position are now saved
  2. the columns’ sizes are saved
  3. the subtitle list is now fetched from a worker thread (this way the player won’t lock anymore when the dialog is being opened)
  4. reduced flicker
  5. tooltips will now be shown for clipped text
  • Ticket #2157, Show the [DXVA] indicator even when playback is paused
  • Ticket #2163, Improve the “Save As” dialog: the dialog is updated more regularly and the units for the sizes and the speed are now automatically adapted to the values
  • Ticket #2165, Improve the “Organize Favorites” dialog:
  1. the favorites can now be deleted using the delete key or the backspace key
  2. the buttons are disabled when they cannot be used
  3. pressing the “Enter” key after selecting a favorite will now start playback
  4. multiple selection is now allowed so that more than one favorite can be deleted or moved at the same time
  5. Ctrl + A will select all items and Ctrl + I inverts the selection.
  6. the size and position of the dialog are saved
  • Ticket #2216, Show seekbar in compact mode instead of the toolbar since all toolbar functions can be accessed easily with keyboard shortcuts
  • Ticket #2218, Improve the Go To dialog:
  1. use a masked edit for entering the timecode ( or depending on the file duration)
  2. show an error message when the entered timecode is greater than the file duration
  • Ticket #2234, Changed some UI fonts according to the OS; more modern fonts will be used on Vista and later
  • Reduced the maximum number of packets in the Queue, except for AVI. This will reduce the amount of memory consumed by the player
  • Improved the “Open directory” dialog:
  1. when using XP the checkbox will now use only one line when possible and the overall dialog will look better
  2. on Vista and later the dialog will use the new user interface
  • Use the new user interface for all open folder dialogs on Windows Vista and later
  • Avoid using negative option in the Tweaks page: change “Don’t use ‘search in folder’ on commands ‘Skip back/forward’ when only one item in playlist” into “Open next/previous file in folder on ‘Skip back/forward’ when there is only one item in playlist”
  • The minidump feature is now enabled by default. The crash dialog has been updated to redirect the users to the bug tracker. The minidump feature can be turned off completely by using the /nominidump switch
  • Updated
  1. FFmpeg (git 72261fa)
  2. MediaInfoLib to v0.7.57
  3. ZenLib to v0.4.26
  4. SoundTouch to v1.7.0pre r142
  5. VirtualDub to v1.10.2-test9
  6. zlib to v1.2.7
  7. Detours to v3.0 build 316
  8. Little CMS to v2.4 (git 9e246ec 23/05/2012)
  9. French, Turkish, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Italian, German, Polish and Portuguese (Brazil) translations
  • GTSdll support since it’s dead
  • Option to disable XP theming since it’s of no use for any OS >= Windows XP
  • Option “Use the WM ASF Reader for Windows Media files” since it has no effect on any “modern” OS (>= Windows XP)
  • SSF support
  • Broken playback and picture on H.264 and MPEG-2 interlaced with DXVA on integrated Intel adapter
  • The settings location is now changed only when applying the changes in the options dialog instead of immediately after changing the state of the checkbox
  • Improve/Fix the “Open” dialog:
  1. the “OK” button will be disabled until a file has been selected (this avoids an error when clicking on “OK” while no file was selected)
  2. when the selected file cannot be dubbed (for example when opening an rtsp stream) the wrong label was grayed out
  • MatroskaSplitter: Better detection of fps for some webm files
  • MPCVideoDec: Crash with some RV30/40 files when there are no input data from splitter
  • MPCVideoDec: H.264 DXVA decoder skipped broken frames on interlaced material
  • MpegSplitter: Removed crackling from LPCM tracks when switching and seeking
  • MpegSplitter: Fix incorrect detection of MPEG Audio stream as AAC
  • AviSplitter: Fix looping not working on short animations
  • WebServer: Fix a few errors and typos
  • MPCVideoDec: Fix MPEG-2 DXVA for some files
  • Fix the remember file/DVD position feature: the positions’ cache was not cleared when disabling the feature
  • The Windows 7 taskbar was sometimes not correctly updated (for example when opening another video without closing the previous one). The preview was incorrectly cropped when the menu was hidden.
  • Ticket #869, The playlist visibility state was incorrectly restored when MPC-HC was quited in fullscreen mode while the option “Hide on fullscreen” was enabled
  • Ticket #1182, Unable to playback MPEG-2 in AVI
  • Ticket #1290, Fix the reversed behavior of the playlist option “Hide on fullscreen” when the “Launch files in fullscreen” option is enabled
  • Ticket #1589, Crash with “Null (uncompressed)”
  • Ticket #1706, CSS 2.1 and HTML 4.01 Validation for the WebServer files
  • Ticket #1946, Skipping bug with EVR custom output and .webm with vsync on
  • Ticket #2090, Better handling of font fallback in the MediaInfo dialog so that the font size is now correctly adapted to the font used
  • Ticket #2126, Fix DVBSub: the subtitles’ color was incorrect
  • Ticket #2133, Javascript error in “player.html”
  • Ticket #2137, Disable animation when pressing the “Boss” key
  • Ticket #2155, Change the background color of the options pages caption so that it is readable with all Windows themes
  • Ticket #2156, MPCVideoDec: Incorrect number of frames at the end of playback with software decoding
  • Ticket #2161, Prevent the “Open” dialog from being opened multiple times (for example when double clicking on the tray icon)
  • Ticket #2172, MP4Splitter: skip video tracks with motionless frames
  • Ticket #2274, MPCVideoDec: the configured threads count was ignored when the decoder had to fallback in software mode because of a DXVA incompatible file, only one thread was used in this case
  • Ticket #2304, MpaDecFilter: PCM 32-bit output gives cracking sound
  • Ticket #2313, Fix crash related to the case sensitivity when using play next/previous file in folder
  • Numerous other bugfixes and improvements
source: homepage MPC-HC
Size | 9.5 Mb

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